Leiden English Choir



We are happy to be able to report that, throughout this challenging time, we have not had any reported Corona cases amongst our members, and have been busy preparing music for our Christmas 2020 concert.

Our COVID story

Early in March we quickly moved to online sessions within the voice groups to stay connected and to keep singing. Unfortunately our Spring concert had to be cancelled, but we hope to sing those numbers in the future at some point.
On June 3 we resumed optional, in-person rehearsals for our Christmas 2020 concert. We arranged to sing outdoors, with social distancing of 1,5 meters between singers (also 100+ meters above us) and we split the choir into two groups so that there was less than 30 singers at a time.
July 1 is our last rehearsal before our summer break. This time with the whole group together, still outside and still with 1,5 meter between us, but a chance to sing together before the summer.
On September 2 we plan to begin again with preparations for our Christmas concert. Over the summer we’ll monitor the situation to see in what location and format we will be able to rehearse and can hopefully get a better idea what the options will be for hosting a concert in December. Stay tuned!
Other information can be found on our news page.