Leiden English Choir


After our concert on the Pieterskerkhof on July 11 – for an impression see the News page – we have begun the rehearsals for the Christmas concert on September 1. The concert will take place in Leiden in the church at the Mare on saturday, December 18.

If the 1.5 m distance restrictions because of Covid 19 still apply two short concerts of about an hour will be given. Otherwise a single concert with the full program will be given. What it will become will probably be clear around mid November. Keep track of the news on this page. If you want to receive information by mail, please send a mail to our contact address (see below).

The LEC is looking for new members, especially tenors and bases. If you are interested in singing in our choir, you are welcome to come to the open rehearsal on September 22 in the Mareland school. The rehearsal will start at 19:45, after which the door will be closed. Please be on time from 19:30, or during the break between 21:00 and 21:15. The entrance is at the back of the school. During the rehearsal we keep our distance of 1.5 m according to the Covid-19 guidelines. Therefore we ask you, if you want to attend the public rehearsal, to send an email to info@lec.nl.